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Welcome to, your home for open-wheel scale-model, water-transfer decals. To navigate the website, just use the menus above. We offer a wide selection of decals and now we also offer display cases so that you can show off your finished creations. Please visit our photo galleries, where you will find great Indy 500 reference photos (and some F1), most of which are available for sale as prints. We encourage first time buyers to view our FAQ page before ordering. All decals listed on our website are available unless otherwise noted. We print decals as they are ordered, so we do not carry any decals 'in stock'.

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F1 Parts

NEW 7/29/16 1950 Alfa 158 Upgrade Kit

1979 312T4 Brake Scoops

1982 126C2 Brake Scoops 1/20

1982 126C2 Brake Scoops 1/12

1975 312T Brake Scoops

1978 312T3 1/20 scale brake scoops

1978 312T3 1/20 scale brake scoops and intakes

1978 312T3 1/12 scale brake scoops

1964/5 Lotus 25 wheels and tires

1963 Lotus 25 tires

Tamiya Seat Belt Set A (1970s - early 80s)

Tamiya Seat Belt Set F (1990s/2000s)


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