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Welcome to the new look of While the look of the website is different, the feel should be familiar as the structure of the old site is pretty much the same. The original website was designed nearly 10 years ago, and as you can imagine a lot has changed since then, including our knowledge of web design and coding. Two new features we have added are a search window and a FAQ page - I hope you will find these useful and informative.

... and since the open wheel split is over, so is ours - CART 'split era' decals are now in with 'other Indy cars'.

I will also use this left sidebar as a callout block for thoughts or comments that pertain to a given page.




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Photo Galleries

Photos from some of the races I've attended over the years, plus a customer gallery of models built with Indycals decals.


Indy 500 galleries:

2017 Indianapolis 500

2016 Indianapolis 500

2015 Indianapolis 500

2014 Indianapolis 500

2013 Indianapolis 500

2012 Indianapolis 500

2011 Indianapolis 500

2010 Indianapolis 500

2009 Indianapolis 500

2008 Indianapolis 500

2007 Indianapolis 500

2006 Indianapolis 500

2005 Indianapolis 500


Other race galleries:

2018 Long Beach Grand Prix

2017 Indy Grand Prix

2017 Sonoma Indy Grand Prix

2016 Indy Grand Prix

2016 Phoenix Grand Prix

2015 Indy Grand Prix

2014 Indy Grand Prix

2007 United States Grand Prix

2003 United States Grand Prix

1981 Michigan 500 and Detroit News Grand Prix

Historic Cars



Indycals Customer Gallery




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