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In 1963, Firestone came to the Indy 500 with new tires for new 15" rims. This tire/rim profile gave a lower, wider profile than the tires that had been used realtively unchaged for decades. This was the first step toward the low, wide slick racing tires in use today. Tires would change virtually every year until the early 70s. These particular tires represent those used by approximately half the field in the 1963 Indianapolis 500 as there were not enough 15" rims for all teams. Parnelli Jones in his Watson and Jim Clark in his Lotus 29 were two of the drivers using these new tires and they would go on to finish first and second in the race.






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1963 Watson/Lotus Tires

68 Eagle Tires

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Accurate tires for the AMT Watson Roadster and Lotus 29 for the 1963 Indy 500 and USAC season. This set insludes four tires and tire marking decals.

These parts are designed by Indycals and cast in black resin by Calvin Sallee at Classic Racing Resins and sold and shipped by Indycals/MP2 Hobbies.

Please note, that we offer a full upgrade kit for the Lotus 29 that includes these 1963 Watson/Lotus tires, nose, vac-u-form windscreen and new decals.

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