Links and Resources

We hope you will find the following links as useful as we have - they include message boards, retailers, reference photo sites and statistics sites.

Indy 500 and F1 prints available for purchase

Gurneyflap (great F1 Reference Photos)

Icon Automotive Miniatures
Icon Automotive Miniatures - 1/20 & 1/12 scale rain & dry weather tires


Slotblog - slot car racing forums

Open Wheel Modeling Forums

Indy Car Modeling Forums

Rainer Schlegelmilch Photogragraphy

Marchives - history of MARCH racing cars

1972 Eagle Restoration Pics

The Ultimate Car Page - F1 Reference photos

The Ultimate Car Page - Indy car Reference Photos

Kurtis Kraft Indy Car Reference Photos

Matra MS11 Restoration Photos

Mac's Modeling

Detail Master

The Grand Prix Modeler’s Association (Stats site)

Old Racing Cars (Stats site)

The Bruce McLaren Trust Good photos!