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In 1963, at the urging of Dan Gurney, Colin Chapman and his Team Lotus, with driver Jim Clark came to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and got the racing establishment to stand up and take notice. Yielding a power advantage to the bigger roadsters, the Lotus 29 made up for it in the corners and ran competitively all day, with Clark finishing in second place to winnner Parnelli Jones. Just two years later Clark and Lotus would dominate the 500, scoring one of the easiest wins in history.






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1963 Lotus 29 Upgrade Kit

68 Eagle Tires

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A colaborative effort between Indycals and Classic Racing Resins, this upgrade kit is long overdue for the 1/25 scale AMT Lotus 29. Now you can finally build an an accurate version of the cars driven by Jim Clark and Dan Gurney in the 1963 Indianapolis 500 and later in the year at Milwaukee. This kit comes with a resin nose, vac-u-form windscreen, our new resin tires and decals for eithe Jim Clark or Dan Gurney. The Jim Clark decals come with silk-screen printed yellow markings that are a very close match to Tamiya TS16 yellow in case you would like to paint the stripe. (I shouldn't have to poing this out, but I will anyway: finished cars not included)

Please read our decal instructions which also include a masking template in case you'd like to paint the stripe. I recommend Tamiya TS16 for the yellow and TS15 for the blue. (and TS43 for the green and TS26 for the white)

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Jim Clark #92
Dan Gurney #93

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