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Designed by Lotus founder Colin Chapman, the Lotus 78 revolutionized motorsports forever as the first true ground effects car. In 1977 Mario Andretti scored four wins, while team mate Gunnar Nilsson scored one. reliability issues however cost Andretti a shot at the world championship. The car returned in 1978 while Lotus was readying the 79 and scored two wins, one each for Andretti and Ronnie Peterson, before being replaced by the Lotus 79. In 33 races the 78 scored 7 wins and 9 pole positions.




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1978 JPS Lotus 78

Drivers: Mario Andretti, Ronnie Peterson

1977 JPS Lotus type 78, Mario Andretti

1978 JPS Lotus 78 Decals

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Designed for use the the Tamiya or Academy 1/20 scale JPS Lotus MKIII and the Tamiya 1/12 scale JPS Lotus MKIII. If you've ever built the Tamiya 1/20 kit with the kit decals you know they left a lot to be desired - printed in a translucent yellow that took on a slight greenish hue when applied over black. We've created our decals in a more accurate biscuit color to give new life to this car.

NOTE: This sheet has been updated. This is for the 1978 version of the Lotus 78 and is designed to be used with the recently re-issued kits that have photo etch wingplates to replicate the car as it was used during the 1978 season. If you do not have a version with the photo-etch wingplates, or if you do not wish to use the photo-etch wingplates, you need to order the 1977 version of the Lotus 78 decals.

The black printing provides a better detail of the biscuit color printing and prevents silvering that occurs when clear decal film is applied over dark colors. Becaues the markings on this car are precisely tailored to the body they go on - it is simply not possible to 'rescale' them for other sizes and expect them to fit. As such we only offer 1/12 and 1/20 scale for the Tamiya kits. Both our 1/20 and 1/12 decals were designed for the exact bodies - even though both kits were made by Tamiya, one could not be rescaled to the other.

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