1970s F1 Tires

Used circa 1970s - early 80s


Stencil-style tire decals. The available scales have the following quantities per sheet (one set equals enough to do both sides of four tires): 1/12 scale - 1 set, 1/20 scale - 1 set, 1/24 scale - 1 set, 1/32 scale - 1 set, 1/43 scale - 7 sets. Please note, these markings may not fit over raised lettering on tires.

These decals have been updated so that the 1/20 and 1/12 scale decals fit the raised lettering on Tamiya tires. The 1/20 markings have two different front tire lettering styles to fit the smaller early-mid 70s tires and the later 70s larger style. (the lettering will not fit the front tires of the Brabham BT50 kit)

Special 3-set pricing for 1/20 scale - use pull-down menu.

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