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By the mid 1980s teams building their own cars was becoming a rarity in Indy car racing, and for 1986, if you didn't have a March 86C Cosworth, you were going to be hard-pressed to win any races. The 86C accounted for 15 wins in 17 races, with only Mario Andretti scoring two wins in a Lola (another customer car) at Portland and Pocono.






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1986 March 86C upgrade kit


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As Indy car modelers we are fortunate that AMT released a 1/25 scale March 86C kit in the form of Al Unser's 1987 winning car. The kit, however, leaves a lot to be desired. There is only a top-half of the tub (which is incorrect) no radiator detail, incorrect rear suspension, and part of the undertray is missing. The exhaust and turbo intake configuration is also incorrect for many other March 86 cars such as Bobby Rahal's 1986 winner. This kit provides 19 parts to correct the flaws in the AMT kit such as:

Correct tub

the missing part of the under tray


Oil cooler

three different turbo intakes

new exhaust parts

new turbocharger plenum

new turbocharger

near upper rear suspension

new rear shocks

NEW new GEARBOX (not pictured)


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