Indycals Neon Printed Decals

As of September 16th, 2021 Indycals is now offering neon-printed decals (aka fluorescent, aka dayglo). Here is some important information about our neon decals.

Indycals uses a toner based CMYK printing system. Historically neon decals had to be screen-printed using 'spot colors'. This is an expensive process that requires minimum runs of approximately 250-300. Since our decals are printed 'on demand' this system is not practical for our product.

To incorporate neon colors into our product line, we are using a toner-based neon printing system that works just like traditional CMYK printing except that the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow toners are neon. The resulting neon prints are not as saturated as you may be used to, so we generally include enough markings to double-layer them to get better color saturation. We also cannot print neon colors directly over white backgrounds, so in instances where neon colors need to be placed over white backgrounds, the white backgrounds will be printed seperately and you will have to manually layer them.

Some of our decals will be offered in standard or neon options. We may also use this technology to achieve colors that are not possible through traditional CMYK printing. Below is an image showing similar artwork printed in standard CMYK and neon CMYK (with the red double layered). We find that our neon red is a very close match to Mr. Color Fluorescent red (wing on the car) when double layered.