Total Performance Sports car tire decals

Used circa 2010s

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Each set includes markings to do one set of tires, one side of the tire.

Important notes:

1/18 scale
OD 1.547”/1.49” ID 1.063”/1.063”
OD 40mmmm/38mm, ID 27mm/27mm

1/25 scale high profile tires fit Revell Corvette C7Rkit.
OD 1.09”/1.11” ID .77”/.77”
OD 27.7mm/28.2mm, ID 19.5mm/19.5mm

1/24 scale high profile tires fit Revell Ford GT Le Mans kit.
OD 1.11”/1.14” ID .77”/.77”
OD 28.2mm/28.9mm, ID 19.5mm/19.5mm

1/32 scale tires fit Scalextric Ford GT
OD .828”, ID .59”
OD 21mm, ID 15mm

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