Revell Mercury Gemini
1/48 Replacement Decals

Decals covering Mercury, Gemini and Apollo - all in one kit.

Mercury and Gemini Capsules


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Decals for the Revell two-in-one Mercury/Gemini 1/48 scale capsule kits. This sheet includes the markings included with the kit, plus many extra detail marking, including instrument panels, door padding, retro rocket markings (Mercury) and external capsule detail (Gemini). This sheet come in two options - standard (second image) or full (both images). The third image is lines that were on the white service moduel on the back of the Gemini capsule. This sheet has insignia markings for all Mercury flights flown - Alan Shepard (Freedom 7), Gus Grissom (Liberty Bell 7), John Glenn (Friendship 7), Wally Schirra (Sigma 7), Scott Carpenter, (Aurora 7) and Gordon Cooper (Faith 7). Photos depict Scott Carpenter's Aurora 7.

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Mercury from BehindGemini Control Panel