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Some of the greatest heros in US history have been the astronauts of project Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. As much guinnea pig as pilot, these brave men took enormous risks so that we could take our first steps into space, and eventually on the moon.





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AMT Man in Space Replacement Decals

Decals covering Mercury, Gemini and Apollo - all in one kit.

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For those of you who have the Man-in-Space kit, you may have found the decals to be severely lacking, particularly in regards to the abscence of roll-paterns for the Redstone and Titan rockets. This sheet includes roll-patterns, additional detail markings, PLUS serial numbers for every manned Mercury, Gemini and Apollo mission, including Apollo 1 and all Skylab missions (manned and umanned). Mercury decals include insignia for all six Mercury missions.

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Indycals is now producing replacement capsules and service modules for the AMT Man In Space Kit


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