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The 1984 24 Hueres du Mans saw the three-time defending Porsche factory team sit out due to a rules controversy. Nevertheless Porsche dominated the race through the entrance of privateers campaigning them.

Rising to the occasion was the Joest Racing team who scored their first of a record 13 wins at LeMans.

John Fitzpatrick Racing - infused wtih sponsorship from Skoal - put forth a strong effort and managed to finish third, 9 laps behind the Joest car. Fitpatrick Racing was the only team to compete on Yokohama tires.





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1984 Skoal Porsche 956

Drivers: D. Hobbs, P. Streiff, S. Van der Merwe

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Designed for the Tamiya Porsche 956 kits, available in a variety of scales. Please note - This set of decals is available with the solid dark green areas, or without for those who prefer to paint the dark green. The 1/24 scale is fitted to the tamiya kit, 1/32 to the Scalexctric body. We cannot guarantee fit on other models and as such recommend getting the 'without green option' (w/o green).

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