1983 Rothmans Porsche 956
Short Tail

Drivers: A. Holber, J. Ickx, D. Bell, J. Mass. S. Belloff
V. Schuppan, H. Haywood, J. Watson

with full blue version top, w/o blue bottom


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Designed for the Proter/Italeri Porsche 956 kits, available in a variety of scales. This sheet comes in two options - one for those of you how wish to paint the solid blue areas and one for those of you who would prefer to decal the solid blue areas (1/24 only). The solid blue areas are tailored to perfectly fit the Protar Porsche 956 kits and the Italeri re-release of the Protar kits. The solid blue areas will not fit other 1/24 scale bodies! Our Blue is closely matched to Zero Paints Rothmans Blue.

These decals have markings for various races throughout 1983 and 1984, including special markings for races at Silverstone and Spa, as well as names of 8 drivers who drove this car in those years.

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