1984 Skoal Bandit March

Driver: Teo Fabi

84 Gilmore Foyt


click images for larger views (top image 1/25 scale, bottom image 1/18 scale)

Designed for the 1/25 scale resin kit by Calvin Sallee at Classic Racing Resins, and for the Carousel/Replicarz March 84C. Please note, the 1/25 sheet includes solid green for the top of the sidpod. When using the 1/18 sheet that area will have to be painted. In both instances the sidepod sides will have to be painted - we recommend Tamiya TS43 Racing Green to best match our decals.

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Need Tire Decals?

Indycals makes the tire decals for this car. Note, if you are using tires with raised lettering you will need to remove that before applying decals. Click Image for details.