LOST ORDERS: Sometimes orders don't make it where they are supposed to. We hae no control over that but we recognize it is our responsiblity to see that your order is delivered. If your decal order is lost our policy is to resend the order. If you wish for a refund, the terms of the refund will fall under our Cancellation Policy (below), as you are effectively cancelling an order that has already processed. Parts orders will be re-sent or refunded at our discretion as we may not always be able to replace them.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note, that when we issue a refund, we do not get back the fees we pay to our processors, thus any cancellation refund will be minus the fees we incur. This includes cancellations due to lost orders (which will be considered as elligible for cancellation), or double orders where you request us to cancel one of them.