Offenhauser engine and gearbox

1/25 scale resin



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Highly detailed replacement Offenhauser engine and gearbox for the AMT kits. This particular configuration is designed for use in the McLaren kits - the difference from the Eagle configuration is an extra spacer between the engine and gearbox. Will probably work as-is with an Eagle, but to be correct you can trim out 1/10" from the spacer. You can use the AMT exhaust/intakes, aftermarket parts prodcued by Bill Jorgensen or Lance Sellers or you can use our own highly-accurate and detailed parts, which are available as 3d prints through our Shapeways store.

Each kit includes one block/gearbox, one mounting plate and one left side burst plate.

Our 3d printed accesories for this product can be found at our Shapeways Store Offenhauser Parts section.

Price $16 + shipping