1964-65 Lotus 25 wheels and tires
1/20 scale

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Replacement resin tires and wheels for the Tamiya Lotus 25 kit. Starting in 1964, Lotus began integrating lower, wider tires on 13" wheels onto their cars. This is in comparison to the 15" 'wobbly web' wheels that typically ran taller and thinner tires and are the wheels depicted in the Tamiya kit.

This set of wheels and tires will let you update your Lotus 25 for the races in 1964 and 65 where these wheels and tires were used:
  • Monaco 1964
  • Holland 1964
  • Great Britain 1964
  • France 1964
  • France 1965

The Lotus 25 scored it's last win at the 1965 French Grand Prix.

Price $21