What color did you use on...?

The age old question. What color was (insert car here)? These are the colors that I personally use. All colors Tamiya TS Spray paints unless otherwise noted.

Indy cars

Any STP car from 1966 onward - Tamiya TS36 Fluorescent Red

Any Marlboro car - TS36 and TS26 bright white

Any Domino's Pizza car - TS8 Italian Red, TS26 Bright White, TS44 Brilliant Blue

Quaker State Green - TS35 Park Green

AJ Foyt Coyote Orange/Red (Mustang Poppy Red) - TS49 Bright Red over TS16 Yellow.

1950s Belanger Special: TS51 Racing Blue

1955 John Zink - Krylon Watermellon is the best match for the "Tropical Rose" that I've found to date. The white sides of the car are ivory.

1956 Filter Queen Special: TS8 Italian Red

1961 Bowes Seal Fast - TS8 Italian Red, TS 45 Pearl White,

1962 Leader Card Special - TS8 Italian Red, TS26 Bright White

1963-65 Lotus - TS 43 Racing Green (or TS9 British Green - darker than TS43), and TS16 Yellow.

1970 Johnny Lightning - TS44 Blue, overcoated with TS72 clear blue

1971 Johnny Lightning - TS55 dark blue

1972 Sunoco Spl - TS15 blue

1973, 74, 76 McLaren - TS56 brilliant orange (this also works for the early McLaren Can Am and F1 cars)

1975 Jorgensen Eagle - TS10 French Blue

1978 Chapparal Lola - TS15 blue, TS26 white, TS8 Italian Red

1978-79 Gould Charge/Norton Spirit - TS44 Brilliant Blue, TS26 white, TS8 Italian Red

1979-late 90s Pennzoil - TS16 Yellow

1980s - 1990 Domino's: TS44 Briliant Blue, TS26 Bright White, TS8 Italian Red

1993 Amway Lola - Blue - TS44 with TS 72 overcoat, Pearl White, Neon Pink (Tamiya does not make neon pink - I found some off brand at Walmart that went on flat and had to be clearcoated - it was called Kustom Kolor and is no longer available)

2012 Lotus Fan Force United: Subaru paint - code 95575 Graphite Black, Java Black

F1 cars

1968 Matra MS11 - Tamiya TS10 French Blue

1971 - 77 Tyrrells - TS 15 blue

1977 - onward Renaults - TS16 yellow

1979/80 Ligier JS11/15 - this one is very controversial. Some people say TS44 brilliant blue. I am convinced this is far too dark. The best options in the Tamiya lineup are TS10 French Blue and TS23 Light blue. I personally used TS23 over TS10 and I am very happy with the results. TS23 is very vibrant and painting it over TS10 takes a bit of that vibrant edge off. This color does not reproduce on the web, thus photos on my website do not show the true hue and vibrance of the car. I believe this issue of the color not being reproducable in web color space is a major factor in the debate over the color.

1979/80 Williams FW07 - TS43 Racing Green. I profess that I don't know if this is a 'perfect' match, but I think it's pretty darn close, and it matches my decals

Ferraris... another bone of contention. Ferrari red changed several times over the years. Tamiya came out with TS49 Bright red to do the early 2000 era cars, but having seen those cars in person, I believe TS49 is not bright enough, but acceptable. The real cars while not fluorescent red, almost had a fluorescent quality about them. Most people swear by TS8 Italian red for previous years and that is certainly acceptable. I personally lean toward TS49 for 1975-1981 and TS 8 for 1982 through at least the early 90s. For the new Ferrari F60 kit, Tamiya came out with TS85 Mica Red.