1988 Castrol Jaguar XJR-9

Martin Brundle, Raul Boesel, John Nielsen (Car #60 - winner)
Danny Sullivan, Davy Jones, Jan Lammers (Car #61)
John Watson, Johnny Dumfries, Eddie Cheever (Car #66)

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Designed for the Hasegawa Jaguar XJR-9 kit. These decals replicate the winning car from the 1988 24 hours of Daytona and it's two team cars. The Hasegawa kit decals has incorrect colors, and requires you to layer white decals over dark solid colors, which is never a good thing when it can otherwise be avoided it. Our decals avoid it by incorporating the white markings into the solid colors which results in the white markings being laid down over a white surface for maximium visual impact.

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