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While Porsche is known as the king of LeMans over the last 50 years, before them, Ferrari reigned supreme, but in the 1960s for a four year interlude between them, it was Ford who reigned supreme, winning the race four consecutive years from 1966-1969 with their GT40 cars. 1969 was the last year of the 'traditional' LeMans start where drivers ran to their cars and hastilly took off. Jacky Ickx - considering his team mates' first lap accident the previous year trying to close the door at 150mph on the Mulsanne straight - leisurely walked to his car and took his time buckling himself in - effectively relegating himself to last place at the start. Tragedy struck on the first lap: British driver John Wolfe - driving a brand new Porsche 917 that "scared the pants off" him, crashed heavily, killing himself and collecting the car of Chris Amon and bringing the race to a stop for two hours. Ickx would make his way to the front where he battled Hans Herrmann - who was trying to acheive Porsche's first LeMans win in a 908. Herrmann's car had brake issues, and Ickx's car had exhaust issues. On the last lap Ickx let Herrmann pass on the Mulsanne straight - feinging powere issues - so that he could slipstream Herrmann and repass him. He held Herrmann off by a few seconds to take the win for himself and Jackie Oliver, the second in a row for GT40 1075 - only the second time the same car won two years in a row. The #7 team car driven by David Hobbs and Mike Hailwood finished 3rd.





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1969 Gulf GT40 LeMans

Drivers: Jacky Ickx, Jackie Oliver, David Hobbs, Mike Hailwood

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Designed for the Fujimi kit, but available in other scales. Our decals fix the issue of placing a white roundel over the orange stripe (and thus havin the stripe show through somewhat) by incorporating the roundel into the stripe.

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