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While the Ford GT40s were dominating sports car racing in the mid 1960s, two of the cars in 1967 were branded "Mercury GT40s". This was the car driven at Le Mans in 1966 by Dan Gurney and Jerry Grant. At Daytona 1967 Gurney and A. J. Foyt drove this car, but failed to finish due to an "improperly heat-treated transaxle input shaft".




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1967 Mercury GT40 Daytona

Drivers: Dan Gurney, A. J. Foyt

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Designed for the Fujimi GT40 MK II kits - available in other scales. Fujimi did this car as a kit but it can be hard to find. This car has some minor differences from the standard Mark II, such as no rear hood scoops and added fender flares. Classic Racing Resins has a conversion kit for the standard Fujimi MK II kits to accurately do this car. The Classic Racing Resins kit was used on the model in the top photo.

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