1966 Ford GT40 #1

Drivers: Ken Miles, Denny Hulme

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Designed for the Fujimi kit, but available in other scales. We offer an optional masking template if you wish to paint the orange areas of the car (model in photo has painted orange). Template is printed on adhesive backed masking paper. Just cut to the printed shape. Note: 1/12 scale - designed for the Trumpeter/Magnifier kit OR the new Meng kit. Meng decals will not work on the Trumpeter kit, and vice-versa. Meng has also come out with a 1/24 scale version of this car. Both Meng version have many 'problems' with the kit decals, from inaccurate stripes, to number roundels that are too small. Indycals decals adresses these issues. 1/12 scale decals do not include the orange decals, but they come with masking template to paint the orange. If ordering 1/12 or 1/24 make sure you select the right option for the kit they go on (1/12 Trumpeter or Meng, 1/24 Fujimi/Revell or Meng)

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Include masking template? (adds $2)

Yes ($2)

Need Tire Decals?

Indycals makes the tire decals for this car.