1989 Amway Lola

Driver: Scott Brayton

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Deesigned for use with the AMT Lola T8800 Chevy kit, but as always, available in a variety of scales.

Note: the original AMT Amway Lola kit has the Cosworth engine and has the pop-off valve opening at the back of the engine cover - the actual car had the popoff valve at the front - thus the need for the Chevy kit as it has the popoff valve opening in the correct place. The car actually ran a Buick at Indy. The magenta stripes on this sheet will not work properly with the rear-located popoff valve. Also note that some of the AMT Lolas had T8900 bodywork - the biggest difference being that the flip-up in front of the rear wheels only comes up half as high as on the T8800. Some of the Amway kits came with T8800 bodywork, some came with T8900 bodywork and there is no way of knowing what is in the box without opening it.

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We are pleased to announce that we are now offering a proper turbo-v6 engine for use with the AMT Lola kit and this set of decals - click the image below for more info!


Need Tire Decals?

Indycals makes the tire decals for this car. Note, if you are using tires with raised lettering you will need to remove that before applying decals. Click Image for details.