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Jerry Grant started the 1972 Indianapolis 500 in 15th place with the fourth overall fastest qualifying time. When Gary Bettenhausen dropped out after leading 138 laps, Grant found his purple ‘Mystery Eagle’ solidly in first place over Penske driver Mark Donohue. A punctured tire forced him to pit with 12 laps to go – this put Donohue in the lead. However, Grant overshot his pit and stopped in team mate Bobby Unser’s pit. While this in itself was legal, the team hooked up Unser’s fuel hose to Grant’s car, which was not legal. Grant returned to the race and finished second, but a post race protest by third place driver Al Unser resulted in a penalty which saw Grant imposed with a 12 lap penalty (ie, they stopped scoring him after he took on his team mates fuel). Later in the year Grant would turn the first ever 200mph lap at Ontario Motor Speedway.




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1972 Mystery Eagle

Driver: Jerry Grant

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Designed for the 1972 Eagle full resin kit by Kevin Kuzman. Decals to build the controversial Mystery Eagle that nearly won the 1972 Indianapolis 500. Available in a variety of scales. New option available to do the Ontario version where Grant set the first ever 200mph lap in qualifications.

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