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Defending Indianapolis 500 Jim Clark started the 1966 race in second position and looked to be on his way to a second straight victory, despite spinning twice on the race. Scoring confusion lead the Lotus team to think they were leading late in the race, but the box score shows that both Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart passed and the last lap Clark officially lead was lap 139. Lloyd Ruby looked to have the race in control but gremlins knocked him out at lap 150. Stewart led the next 40 laps, then Graham Hill inhereted the lead with 9 laps to go when Stewart broke down. The Lotus team were sure they had won and explained that when the identical team car driven by Al Unser crashed, Clarks scorer thought it was Clark and failed to score him for the lap. Film footage however, clearly shows Stewart and Hill passing Clark at speed.





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1966 STP Lotus

Drivers: Jim Clark, Al Unser

1966 STP Lotus

1966 STP Lotus Decals

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For use with the Testor’s or IMC Lotus kit (top) or Lance Seller's Lotus 38 resin kit (bottom). Markings for the #19 Jim Clark STP Gasoline Treatment Special or the #18 Al Unser STP Oil Treatment Special.

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