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For the first half of the 1950s, Jack McGrath was Mr. Front Row at the Indianapols Motor Speedway. Starting in 1951 through his last race in 1955, McGrath started on the front row. Four of those years, he started third, and in 1954 he started on the pole. In 1955 he was the fastest qualifier, but he was a second day qualifier and had tao start behind the cars that qualified on the first day, which happened to be only two cars, thus McGrath once again started third. McGrath scored two third place finishes in those years, in 1951 and 1954. McGrath was killed in the last race of the 1955 season.





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1954 Hinkle Special

Driver: Jack McGrath

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Designed for the Monogram Kurtis Roadster, availalbe in several different scales.

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