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Formula One veteran Jean Alesi had a lifelong dream to drive in the Indianapolis 500. With the help of Team Lotus and Fan Force United, Alesi was able to make that dream a reality. Unfortunately, the effort was plagued by a significant horsepower disadvantage and the best they could muster was 33rd starting position. During the race Alesi consistently ran ahead of the other Lotus car in the field, but could not keep up with the rest of the field and was black flagged. The results were not an accurate reflection on the driver or the team - both were impressed with each other. Alesi has stated that he hopes to be back in 2013.





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2012 Lotus Fan Force United

Driver: Jean Alesi

1993 Mackenzie Lola

1993 Menards Arisco Decals

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Designed for use with the 1/18 scale Greenlight diecast. Also available in 1/64 scale.

Note: Although this car looks black, the black paint has a metallic gold flake to it, but this is only really apparent up-close and when the light hits it just right. Click here for closeup.The actual paint used was a Subaru paint - code 95575 Graphite Black, Java Black. But for all intents and purposes - visually the car was black. Top photo - carb day, bottom left photo race day prior to start, bottom right photo, fast Friday.

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