2011 William Rast, Bryan Herta Autosports

Driver: Dan Wheldon

Dan Wheldon 2011 Indianapolis 500 winner

2011 William Rast

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We are pleased to announce a first for Indycals decals: Dayglo printing! This set of decals consists of dayglo-orange markings printed on clear vinyl, combined wiht our standard water slide decals for the rest of the markings, which include another first - chrome foil printing! Due to the need to outsource the dayglo printing, this set of decals will only be available in 1/18 and 1/24 scale. Note: Dayglo orange and chrome printing in the above image are simulated.

NOTE: The chrome foil printing is VERY fragile and does not always print correctly. It is normal for there to be some slight spots where the chrome has worn away leaving the black under-surface showing through - this is unavoidable but does not take away from the finished model. In cases where the the finish is unusable, I will supply extra chrome markings for the damaged areas. Also, do NOT clearcoat the chrome printing - if you clearcoat your model, apply the chrome decals last.




2011 William Rast