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This radical design turned the racing world upside down during the 1976 season and over 30 years later it is still widely discussed. Driven by Jody Scheckter and Patrick Depailler, the "Project 34" went on to finish first and second in the Swedish Grand Prix - Jody Scheckter becoming the only man in F1 history to win a race in a six-wheeled car.





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We now offer P34 Tire markings in a variety of scales. Click image for info

1976 Tyrrell P34 "six wheeler"

Drivers: Jody Scheckter, Patrick Depailler

1976 Tyrrell P34

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Designed for use with theTamiya 1/20 and 1/12 scale Tyrrell P34 kit (original or 1977 Monaco version). A vast improvement on the original kit decals, this sheet has bright yellow, nearly neon, markings that are truer to the original car than the kit decals. Numbers and names for either Jody Scheckter or Patrick Depailler. Also available in other scales - use the pull down menu to select. Specify Sheckter or Depailler when ordering.

Want to update those awful kit front tires? Icon Automotive Miniatures makes resin tires for this kit - either slicks or rain tires! Photo of car above is shown with Icon's P34 slick resin tires.

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Jody Scheckter #3
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