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Welcome to, your home for open-wheel scale-model, water-transfer decals. To navigate the website, just use the menus above. We offer a wide selection of decals, parts and model kits. We also offer display cases so that you can show off your finished creations.

New for 2018, we are now offering Print For Hire decal printing services!

Please visit our photo galleries, where you will find great Indy 500 reference photos (and some F1), most of which are available for sale as prints. We encourage first time buyers to view our FAQ page before ordering. All decals listed on our website are available unless otherwise noted. We print decals as they are ordered, so we do not carry any decals 'in stock'.




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COVID-19 Update April 8, 2020

Indycals is still taking and shipping orders as we always do. We have modified our shippind slightly - instead of dropping off at the post office 6-7 days a week, we are only dropping off on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but in reality you should see no delays in your orders getting out. We have invested in hand sanitizer that we use when packing your orders and envelope sealer so as not to have to lick the envelopes. We extend our sincere thank yous to all of you placing orders during this difficult time.

Welcome to v3.0!

(Corona edition, 3/15/20)

Wait... it looks like the same Indycals! What's the big deal? On the outside it is. But we've spent all of 2020 revamping our product pages with a brand new checkout system as well as other updates. Some things were introduced earlier in the year such as https security and our currency converter over here to the right. We've also been updating images all along for better clarity on hi-res monitors. HTML code has been cleaned up and we've done some house cleaning with links and extranous pages. Some of the new implementations involved moving the entire website to a new (and supposedly faster) server. But the big improvement, as mentioned above - is the new checkout system, which involved manually updating all of our (over 600) product pages before it could be taken live. Improvements with the new checkout system include:

• More payment options: You will now have a choice to checkout using direct credit card processing, PayPal, Amazon Pay, or for those of you who prefer to pay by Check, you can use our E-Check (AHS) system so that you don't have to mail in your check.

• More reliable email confirmation of your order: Our old system relied on a rather not-so-reliable auto responder on our email program - when a PayPal notification landed in our inbox an auotmated response was supposed to go out, but it didn't always work that way. The new system automaticall sends you a confirmation email with full order details and sends a copy to us as well so that we know it was sent to you.

• More accurate shipping metrics and options: You will only see shipping options specific to items in your shopping cart, and pricing will be more accurate.

• Inventory control! This is one we are really excited about. We hired a developer to tailor an inventory system specifically for This applies to our resin parts, which if you've ever purchased any, you'd know you were usually required to contact us to insure we have them in stock and we would then invoice you for your order. Now you will see exactly how many of any part is availalbe for purchase and you can checkout without having to contact us, and if no parts are available it will not let you order (thus no 'backorders').

• Modern appearance: No more clunky pop up window. When you add an item to your cart you will see the cart slide out of the right side of the screen with an easy 'return' button at the top to continue your shopping. You will only see a view cart option when there is something in your cart and it will display the total price of goods in your cart at all times. A new "Add to Cart" button has been custom designed by yours truly to integrate with the look of our website.


• More consistent options: Some of our products have many configuration options - we have streamlined these sometimes confusing options, as well as added options (additional scales, etc) where practical.

We are also pleased to announce the return of three Indy car decals that went out of production when we switched to our new printing system 3 years ago: the 2000 Shell Reynard, the 2000 Tecate Reynard, and the 2001 Motorola Reynard


2019 Indy 500 photo gallery.

2018 Long Beach Grand Prix
photo gallery

1974-75 Eagle kits!

Important announcement... As of March 1st, 2017

Indycals has upgraded our decal printing technology. With the exception of some metallic accents - that will be printed separately - we are no longer using the ALPS Printer for production of our decals. Our new system is toner based (rather than ribbon based) and offers smoother, cripser prints, better yellow rendering, and no more ribbon overlap lines that were especially apparent in large white areas. The new printer is more efficent and reliable and has allowed us to lower prices on some of our more expensive sheets (Lotus 78 1/12 scale, Ferrari 312T4 1/12 scale, etc).

Congratulations Takuma Sato - 2017 Indianapolis 500 winner!

Click photo to see our 2017 Indy 500 photo gallery!

Congratulations Alexander Rossi
winner of the 100th Indianapolis 500!

Click photo below to see our 2016 Indy 500 gallery (including the Grand Prix of Indianapolis).


Check out our Watson/Lotus 1963 tires for use with the AMT Willard Battery Special or the AMT Lotus 29.


click image for more information

2012 Indianapolis 500 Photo Gallery

We have lowered prices on our motorsports prints, and we have now added the option to purchase 4x6 prints. Keep coming back as this gallery is still a work in progress! Also be sure to visit our historic cars gallery!


Celebrating 10 years - 2001-2011!!!!

10 years ago today I went online with Indycals. The year 2000 was a bit difficult and imersing myself into starting a new business and building a website was my way to keep my mind focused on positive endeavors. When the website started I probably only had 20 or so offerings and in my first month I did a grand total of $50 in sales. I displayed my work with questionable photos taken with a point and shoot camera, usually in harsh light.

Ten years later I now offer decals to do more than 230 different cars, and combined with the fact that most decals are offered in a multitude of scales, my total offerings must be in the neighborhood of 1000. My web design skills have improved to the point that was completely redesigned from the ground up this past year, and I like to think that my product photography has improved a bit too.

Indycals really is a one man operation - I design, research, print, process and ship orders, photograph products, design, code and run the website... all while maintaining a full-time day job and hitting the gym for an hour and a half every day after work!

That said, it could not have been done alone. There are many people who have helped and/or inspired me over the years - I'd like to offer my thanks to (in no particular order and certainly not limited to): Bill Jorgensen, Lance Sellers, Chris Etzel, Chuck Sprague, Don Hovel, Terry Gunter, Jeff Stapleton, John Edwards, Tom Prestia, Eric Aitala, and Mike Peters.

A big heartfelt thank you to everyone who ever purchased my decals - I do this for all of you as there are far more decals in my lineup than I could ever use myself! Many of you have come to be good friends and that is the biggest reward I have received from doing Indycals. It is great to share my passion for racing and model cars with so many like-minded people - I really didn't know there were so many of us out there! I can honestly say that I am truly and deeply honored that my decals are a part of the art you all create!

And finally thank you to my wife Michele who has had to put up with many an evening of my retreating to my office to print orders and the occasional barage of cuss words when my printer screws up.

There is an old saying - do what you love, for the love of it and the rewards will be endless - that has certainly been my experience with Indycals.

Thank you - Michael Portaro, January 1, 2011






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