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Finding thier BT46 at a distinct cornering disadvantage to the the full ground effects Lotus 79, the Brabham team sealed off the bottom of the car and mounted a fan to the car to literally suck the car to the ground and improve it's cornering abilities. Watson and Lauda took it easy in qualifying, allowing Andretti in the Lotus 79 to take pole, while Watson and Lauda lined up 2nd and 3rd. During the race Andretti lead early on, before being eventually passed by Lauda. But it was later in the race - after the track had become layered in oil, that the fan car really showed it's mettle. While other cars had to slow down, Lauda would accelerate through the affected areas, as this increased suction due to the fan being engine driven - higher engine revs equated to higher fan revs, and greater downforce. Common belief is that the car was banned immediately after the race, but other sources indicate that team owner Bernie Eccelstone withdrew the car from competition so as not to ruffle the feathers of other team owners as he needed their support for his bid to head the newly formed Formula One Constructors Association (FOCA).




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Indycals carries 1/20 scale fabric and photo etch seatbelts that can be used with this car! Add to your order for extra detail!


Fujimi Brabham BT46B 'Fan Car'
Swedish GP 1978

Price: $65.00


This highly detailed kit accurately depicts the revolutionary "Fan Car" driven to victory in the 1978 Swedish Grand Prix by Niki Lauda, only to be banned before the next race. Although the box indicates that it is the Niki Lauda version, the kit decals include markings for both Lauda and John Watson.

We are offering this kit as a standalone, or as a package with our own decals. You may ask, why would you need decals when the kit comes with them? Well, the kit decals, although beautiful, are not the correct color - the dark blue is too bright and tends to turn 'purple' on the red background. Our decals are printed in the correct shade of very dark blue and will not alter color. Decals are regularly $19, but purchased with this kit they are only $15.00. Use the pull-down menu to order the kit with our decals. Click here to see a comparison of the kit decals with our decals.

This product is no longer available through our website.


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