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Welcome to the new look of Along with the new look we've addressed many requests to provide more tire marking decals. Vist our tire markings page to see our complete list of various markings available, from the Balloon markings of the 20s, through the red rings in use today.




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F1 Tire Decals

Early 1980s - early 90s


Stencil-style tire decals. 1/20 scale - 1 set per sheet; 1/18 scale - 2 sets per sheet; 1/12, scale, 1 set per sheet; 1/24 scale - 1 set per sheet; 1/32 scale - 1 set per sheet; 1/43 scale - 4 sets per sheet. Special 3-set pricing for 1/20 scale - use pull-down menu.

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