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Arie Luyendyk qualified strong for the 1988 Indianapolis 500, starting in sixth position, but was outclassed in the race as the Penske team dominated. In addition, Luyendyk lost a front wing which necessitated replacement - some photos on race day show the car with a red front wing. Luyendyk would qualify second at Portland where he also finished second, in what would be his best finish to date.




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1988 Provimi Lola

Driver: Arie Luyendyk

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If you have the AMT Provimi Lola kit you might be surprised to learn that the decals that come with the kit do not depict any car that ever ran - in fact several sponsors such as Dutch Boy, didn't appear on the car until 1989 (when it was car number 9). This sheet is specifically tailored to replicate the car as it was on race day at the 1988 Indianapolis 500 - which was not an easy task to do as the car literally changed configuration every day of the month of May. Click on the photo below to see the asymetric sponsor pattern.

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