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Race day 1968 saw quite a different lineup for the STP than was originally planned. Parnelli Jones was going to return in the 1967 Turbine, but found it uncompetitive and withdrew. Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart and Mike Spence were going to drive the four Lotus 56 wedge turbines. Clark of course was killed just weeks before practice started at Indy. Jackie Stewart broke his wrist and had to sit the month out, and Mike Spence was killed practicing in the number 30 turbine before qualifying. Joe Leonard took over the 67 turbine and crashed it, and then took over the number 60 turbine. Art Pollard was called upon to drive the number 20 turbine, and Hill remained in the number 70 turbine. Leonard and Hill took the top two spots in qualifying.





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1968 STP Lotus Turbine

Drivers: Joe Leonard, Graham Hill, Art Pollard, Mike Spence

1968 STP Lotus Turbines

1968 STP Lotus Turbines1968 Turbine Leonard1968 Turbine Leonard1968 Turbine Leonard1968 Turbine Leonard
1968 Turbine Leonard1968 Turbine Leonard1968 Turbine Leonard1968 Turbine Leonard1968 Turbine Leonard

1968 STP Turbine Art Pollard1968 Turbine Leonard Qualifying

1968 Turbine Art Pollard1968 Turbine Mike Spence

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Markings to do one of the following: Joe Leonard's #60 race day (pictured) and qualifying, Graham Hill's #70, Art Pollard's #20, and #30 Mike Spence (Specify which version you need).

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