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When people think of botched starts to the Indy 500, 1966 and the elimination of 11 cars usually is what comes to mind. But the award for the most botched start would go to 1958. This was a mess right from the time the pace car pulled out to lead the field. Instead of being lined up on the main straight in rows of three, the field was lined up single file in the pits and they were supposed to line up as they got on track. But somehow the front row of Dick Rathmann, Ed Elisian, and Jimmy Reece got out ahead of the pace car and we're way ahead of the rest of the field. With the front row effectively missing, the initial start was aborted. Rathman, Elisian and Reece raced around and threaded their way through 10 rows, just in time to take the green flag (and the pace car barely able to get out of the way). Rathmann and Elisian raced side by side down the back straight.... both carried way too much speed into turn three. Both cars lost control. Before all was said and done, Rathmann and Elisian were out of the race, Jerry Unser was over the wall, 15 cars were caught up, 8 eliminated, and likeable veteran Pat O'Connor was dead.




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1958 McNamara Special

Driver: Dick Rathmann

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Decals for Dick Rathmann's 1958 Indy pole winning car. Designed for the Lance Sellers Watson Roadster with 1958 conversion kit. Available in a variety of scales. Click here for placement sheet.

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