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Nigel Mansell left the Williams F1 team after the 1988 season to driver for Ferrari in 1989 - the last Ferrari driver personally selected by Enzo Ferrari before he passed away in August 1988. For 1990, Ferrari added Alain Prost to it's lineup and Prost challenged former team mate Ayrton Senna for the world championship. The team combined for six wins during the season wtih five going to Prost. At the Japanese Grand Prix Prost would be eliminated from title contention if he didn't score points. In a controversial start, Senna deliberately crashed himself and Prost, thus securing the world Championship himself.




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1990 Ferrari F1-90

Drivers: Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost


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Fujimi did a wonderful job on their 1/20 scale kit of this car, but certain issues of the kit have decals where the white is quite yellowed. We offer a 'white replacement sheet' (bottom image), or a full sheet (top image). Available in a variety of scales. Specify Mansell or Prost when ordering. If you buy the kit from us, we will include the white replacement decals at no extra charge.

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